After the start of the 2006 Baja Haha
Just South of San Diego

Hi folks - yes, it's true.

We had a great 16 years owning and sailing Raptor Dance.

We did 7 years cruising full time and had a blast! But was time to move on and after owning her for 16 years, we sold her in April 2016.

Raptor Dance was (and still is under a different name) a Valiant 50 Hull 107, built in 1999 at Cedar Mills Marina on Lake Texoma, 90 minutes North of DFW Airport.

The name "Raptor Dance" comes from the mating dance of the Velociraptor dinosaur as told in the book "Raptor Red" by Robert Bakker. But we're much calmer now!

Our Dancing Raptor Battle Flag